Last chance to to grab V/H/S on VHS

The fab guys at ‘Cellar Rentals’ are giving you one last chance to win a copy of ‘V/H/S’ the movie that we said is “proving itself not only one of the best horror films of 2012, but also one of the most innovative.”

Last month, the cellar doors were opened to hundreds of VHS fans who had an exclusive screening of the film, visited a mock shop covered with the great black tapes and most importantly came away with a copy of ‘V/H/S’ on VHS.

You can view an overview of the event HERE.

For the unlucky masses who were unable to attend, the cellar doors are reopening to all via a live Twitter session that will let you vent all that tied up love for the best format of horror – VHS.

On Friday 1st February for four hours (2pm to 6pm) via Twitter, a hosted nostalgia-thon will allow us all to chat about videos of yesteryear, the arrival of V/H/S on DVD and Blu-ray and the final chance EVER to win a copy of ‘V/H/S’ on VHS in the UK.

For all those in attendeance, and there’s no excuse, we’ll be using the #InsertVHS4Fear hashtag from @fetchpublicity so make sure you are there to join in on the antics.

Do not miss out! There will also be a link to a store filled with cool retro clips, trailers and more to digest and send you back down memory lane one final time.

The time period for topics is as below but the conversations are never over and your sure to make new acquaintances.

2.00pm Classic VHS Action Movies

2.30pm Teen Horrors

3.00pm Fantasy Classics

3.30pm VHS Comedies

4.00pm Banned and Confiscated Movies

4.30pm Sci Fi Rentals

5.00pm A John Hughes tribute

5.15pm Horror Franchises – The Sequels

Please note the above times are GMT!

So, unless you missed a generation and pleasure from downloading your media (a curse should be set upon on you) then we shall see you Friday.


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