Stepping further into Insidious: Chapter 2

The scariest film of recent years, ‘Insidious’ was a wake up call to the genre that films can still send shivers down your spine.

Now, James Wan and Leigh Whannell are back behind the scenes in their first ever sequel (The reigns of ‘Saw’ were passed on to Darren Lynn Bousman).

Wan has leaked some behind the scenes photos that are leading chapter 2 to be just as creepy as the first, and information that could possibly leak to the films plot.

Jocelin Donahue has joined the returning cast of Patrick Wilson, Rose Byrne, Lyn Shane, Ty Simpkins and Barbara Hershey along with loveable parapsychologists Specs and Tucker (Played by writer Leigh Whannell and Angus Sampson).

Donahue is set to play a young Lorraine Lambert (Hershey) showing that there will be flashbacks but no other cast set to play the younger versions of other members indicating these scenes will be more for scares than pivotal plot details.

Also within the on set pictures we see Dalton (Simpkins) seated in the infamous chair where Josh (Wilson) killed Elise (Shane). Is Dalton going back into the further to bring his father back? Will the ‘Lipstick Faced Demon’ make a return? How will Elise’ return fit into the film?

With all these questions left to answer, the August 2013 release date can’t come quick enough.

NB The house used in this film is the same house that was used for the 1968 film ‘Spider Baby’.


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