Do something Sinister this Saint Valentine Day

This Valentine’s Day we will be working alongside Fletch Publicity to bring you a live evening of ‘Sinister’ proportions.

Released today on DVD, BluRay and On Demand, 2012’s scariest film finally arrives. ‘Sinister’ was one of the highlights at 2012’s Frightfest and continued to scare audiences throughout Halloween and now it’s time to do it all over again.

The film that we said “is pure American terror with many jump out of your seat moments” and “freaking scary”.

For one-night only we will be taking to Twitter from 19:30 to 23:00 on Thursday 14th February, where we’ll be hosting the ultimate ‘Sinister’ celebration party alongside Fletch Publicity, by all hitting ‘Play’ on our DVD players at 8pm and watching ‘Sinister’ together, chatting about those supremely creepy moments throughout (lawnmower not included!) Not only this because afterwards we have planned a special Q&A with the film’s writer C. Robert Cargill where you’ll be able to fire over your questions and chat to the man himself behind the first great horror of 2013!

Plus, the guys at Fletch Publicity will be giving away some fantastic prizes so make sure you join us at @BloooodGuts and @fetchpublicity using the hashtag #SurviveSinister for what will surely be a special evening for all!

#SurviveSinister is one evening you do not want to miss out on!

Here’s the running order for this one-off horror bonanza:

19.30: Kick off with a countdown to Sinister!

20.00: Sinister screening starts.

21.45: Sinister screening ends.

21.50: Post event fun begins with Q&A with writer C. Robert Cargill!

23.00: Event finishes.

Please note the above times are GMT!

Be there and be scared…


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