Time to reopen the Treasure Chest of Horrors

Coming this April on DVD, James Cullen Bressack and company will open up their chests oncemore to reveal more sick and twisted horrors.

Horror anthology ‘Treasure Chest of Horrors 2’ follows straight off the success of volume one. Executive Producer’s James Cullen Bressack (Hate Crime) and Jarret Cohen at Psykik Junky Pictures and directors Doug Waugh, Shawn C. Phillips, and Alex Powers have all come together as sexy, sinful horror host Mona Screamalot (Penthouse Pet Veronica Ricci) and her crazy backwoods family invite you to take a seat on the couch as they serve up six sick short films from their secret stash of horror trash. Featuring the work of emerging genre directors, this is a bloody and brain-numbing buffet of the bizarre.

The film will also star Shawn C. Phillips (Don & Murph),  James Cullen Bressack, Nick Clarck (Hate Crime) Joseph Frantz (CKY & Viva La Bam), and Miles Dougal (Detroit Rock City & Chillerama). Not only have we got a snapshot of the DVD cover but also a brand spanking new trailer.

The full trailer is here:

Official T-shirts for the film were also released! You can grab a T-Shirt with the sexy Veronica Ricci on it at this link  (who doesn’t want to wear Veronica Ricci and Treasure Chest of Horrors T-shirts with pride?): http://www.fastcustomshirts.com/servlet/Detail?no=1502

Follow the films release on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/treasurechestofhorrors2

And finally the most important link. Pre-order the film on DVD for just $9.99: http://www.amazon.com/Treasure-Chest-Of-Horrors-2/dp/B00B1FXM0I/

So find those keys as the Treasure Chest will soon be here…


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