The Bay strikes fear into the UK population

Today between 12:00 and 14:00 many people started to fall ill. Puking blood, reporting head pains and blood spots amongst many symptoms.

Fear had spread throughout the Twitter community with further reporting that ambulance services were jammed and several fatalities were known. All sharing the same pattern, they had drank water sources from ‘The Bay’ and most tweets involved used the hashtag and warning: #DontDrinkTheBay.

Of course this was a stunt for new found footage thriller ‘The Bay’ but with responses of concern, this proved once more the power of social media and how it can be used to superb effect.

To quote just a few of the tweets:

@HorrorCultFilms: Tried phoning helpline but its busy. When will these symptoms desist @TheBayWater ?!! #dontdrinkTHEBAY

@ReluctantGeeks: There#s more tweets about @TheBayWater this is worrying – I’ve got the worst stomach cramps now. #dontdrinkTHEBAY

@cheeksdevil: @TheBayWater Can you fix it ? OMG WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE!!!! A&E wont let me in 😦 #DontDrinkTheBay these cramps are killing me!!

@firestar_louise: @cheeksdevil @TheBayWater My local hospital has shut too! Who will help us I am so scared! #dontdrinkthebay


And from our very own…

@Martay_v88: MY CAT IS DEAD, NOT BREATHING HELP!!!! She drank some of @TheBayWater all I can say is #DontDrinkTheBay it seems were all going to die

All that can be said that as well as promoting the brilliant ‘The Bay’ and thanks to the suprerb guys at Fetch Publicity for instigating this, that this Friday afternoon was one that won’t be forgotten on a while.


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