Truth or Dare for sex siren Jessica Cameron

Jessica Cameron, star of Silent Night and Mr Hush is set to start work on her directoral debut, Truth or Dare.

No Cameron film would be possible without any horror and Truth… is set no differently. To which the film sees 6 college students using the internet for a rather twisted rendition of Truth or Dare.

Jessica had said about the film;

“I’m excited to tackle this new challenge in my film career and I am blessed to have acquired a top­tier team to help make my vision a reality. I could not allow this story to be watered down since I love it so much for how twisted it is. The story is original and unapologetic. I think that’s one of the huge benefits of making an indy film as opposed to a studio picture; ­ you can go to those places that studios are afraid of.

Will we offend some people ­ YES. But horror films offend people already, so I see no need to alter the story to try and appease people who aren’t going to see it and simply complain about the movie. I am confident that other like minded horror fans will love it as it is ­ a gritty, dirty, no holds barred film that goes THERE!”

The film is set for a 2013 release as well as starring in James Cullen Bressack’s latest vehicle, ‘To Jennifer’ also set for release this year.


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