The leading ladies of horror continue their dominance with latest actor turned director Jennifer Blanc

In a week where the leading ladies of horror head behind the scenes, Jennifer Blanc-Biehn follows in Michael Biehn’s footsteps after the success of ‘The Victim’ to sit firmly in the directors chair.

We spoke to Jennifer back in November on the release of Michael’s first film as director and working with Danielle Harris on ‘Among Friends’ we asked if it was a position she was looking to grasp, to which she replied:

“I do wanna direct. I didn’t but I do now, I DO. Just once though… Give it a try”

And here we are. ‘The Night Visitor’ will be a mix of both sci-fi and horror and will be shot with the found footage style that has become popular within the genres. Jennifer has said “in my maiden voyage as a director, I feel fortunate to have such passionate friends and co- workers that have stepped up to the plate to bring this vision to life.”

The film will have Lony Ruhmann (also working with Jennifer on her next venture with Michael, a remake of Chilean thriller, ‘Hidden in the Woods’) and Mark Gantt as producers, with screenplay written by the Marcus Bros (‘The Farm’ and ‘Hidden in the Woods’).

“’The Night Visitor’ effortlessly blends the sci-fi, horror and supernatural genres together with a beautiful balance of charm, humor and irony. I’m super excited to be a part of Jen Blanc-Biehn’s directorial debut, her vision and passion are leading the charge.” – Mark Gantt.

Already cast is ‘Among Friends’ co-star Brianne Davis who will play the lead role of Jen, a mother of six-year old Ricky, who’s being tormented by a demented Alien. “I’m totally thrilled to be working with Jen on her directorial debut. ‘The Night Visitor’ is such a great concept and I love the character I’m playing, she’s strong, passionate and desperately wants to save her marriage and protect her son.”

Other stars include Mark Gantt, Gary Cairns (who will also be appearing in upcoming horror, ‘Project Fear’) and Tara Buck (True Blood).

With Jennifer, Danielle Harris and Jessica Cameron all becoming film makers, this power trio are helping to rid the stereotype of scream queen to a whole new level and with the likes of the Soska Twins and Jennifer Lynch, it’s girl power taking over the industry making men all over quiver in their boots.


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