Ready, Set, Gogo for The Ecstasy of Isabel Mann

From director Jason Figgis (‘Railway Children’) comes the blood drenched feature, ‘The Ecstasy of Isabel Mann’.

We’re promised a “Very Violent Teen Vampire Chiller” with ‘The Ecstasy of Isabel Mann’. The story of troubled teenager Isabel Mann (Ellen Mullen) who is seduced into an incredibly violent sect of day-walking vampires. Her class mates start to go missing and on the trail of the gruesome murders are two detectives; Witham (Neill Fleming), who believes her to be the prime suspect and Barrett (Matthew Toman), who has his doubts. Nothing is quite as it seems for those about her as the disturbed teenager runs amok killing at will in the woodlands by her home!  

She is aided by her vampire guides Mirjana (Mirjana Rendulic) and Alejo (Karim Elgendy) who are training her in the art of the kill, with horrifically bloody results for those closest to her.

Rest assured, this will be a vampire film with fangs and with Figgis back behind the camera this will be dark and messy.

Help support the film at indiegogo to help shape what is set to be one to look out for in 2013.


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