American Mary takes over Twitter for live watch along

Mark 8pm (GMT) Friday 21st June in your calenders for the live event of the year.

The live Twitter watch along will be brought together by two fantastic ladies who worked hard to make an indie classic that has won award after award.

Join directors Sylvia and Jen Soska (@twisted_twins) who will be watching along and answering your questions, feeding from your responses and bitch slapping your insults.

If that wasn’t good enough, joining the event are actors Tristan Risk (Beatress Johnson) (@littlemissrisk), Clay St. Thomas (Doctor Walsh), Nelson Wong (Doctor Black), Paula Lindberg (@PaulaLindberg) and everyone’s favourite bar owner Antonio Cupo (Billy Barker) (@antoniocupo)

Kevvy Mental (Sound designer for both ‘AM’ and ‘Dead Hooker in a Trunk’), producer Robin Wiener (@Robyn_filmchic) and the fashion of ‘American Mary’ all thanks to Enigma Arcana

So make sure you have you copy of ‘American Mary’ in your media player, your phone/tablet/PC/socks adjusted to Twitter and remember #AmericanMary is your ticket to the event. ‘American Mary’ is now available on DVD and BluRay in the US and worldwide.


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