Classic DVD rerelease is hap-PIN-ing

Arrow Video’s label ArrowDrome is pleased to announce a new DVD release of the cult classic PIN, due on 28th October. 


When close siblings Leon and Ursula lose their parents in a tragic car accident, they inherit the imposing family homestead along with a creepy heirloom – their late father’s medical dummy, “Pin”.

Leon has always treated Pin like a member of the family, but this bizarre relationship starts to take a decidedly sinister turn; and when the dummy starts donning dad’s old suits and terrorising the house-guests, Ursula begins to have serious concerns about her brother’s sanity. After all, Pin is just a dummy… isn’t he?

Starring Lost’s Terry O’Quinn (who genre fans will know best for his gleefully demented star turn in The Stepfather), Pin is a gem of late 80s horror in the tradition of classic dummy fright flicks such as Magic and Dead of Night.

The DVD release will also come bundled with the original trailer and collectors booklet by Lee Gambin


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