Nothing Left to Fear will Slash your February

Prepare for a bone chilling heart pulsing thriller like no other and feel the fear felt by those who had an advance showing of this during Frightfest’s Halloween All-Nighter last month.

Nothing Left To Fear is the disturbing debut horror release from Slasher Film Productions (co-owned by none other than  guitar guru Slash) will be released on 17th February 2014 on DVD and Blu-Ray via Anchor Bay as well as On-Download and On-Demand through Content.

Directed by Gore Verbinksi’s protégé: the visionary Anthony Leonardi III and starring Clancy Brown and Anne Heche, Nothing Left to Fear has a chilling plot and haunting musical score which will delight horror hounds and rock fans alike.

The Bramfords have a new home, new jobs and a new beginning in Stull; but the town has much more sinister plans in store for them.

With its fair share of secrets, the seemingly sleepy Stull is actually built on a demonic gateway to hell. Every year a ritual human sacrifice must take place to protect the town from the plague of a dark supernatural force. All of this enhanced by the bone chilling musical score composed by Nicholas O’Toole and Slash.

Expect from this thrilling horror to be left feeling tense, filled with dread and amazingly for this genre your eyes may well up at times because of characters you will actually care about!


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