Jennifer Blanc heads to a Deadly Retreat and the Night Visitor returns

Actress Jennifer Blanc Biehn has joined Jonathan Bennett on the production of the comedic horror film ‘Deadly Retreat’. Just on the heals of their lifetime movie with Danica Mckeller premiered on Lifetime this past month. The two will now both appear in Deadly Retreat. The film is the first full-length feature to be released by Artigo indie and begins filming on Feb 2, 2014 in California. 


Employees of a dot com company travel to the mountains for their annual winter retreat. Unfortunately for them, the trip takes a deadly turn when a self-proclaimed serial killer and avid practical joker tries to make a name for himself and targets this group of young professionals for execution. 

“I have a great working relationship with Jon and Danielle”, said Jennifer Blanc Biehn. “I had the opportunity to work with them for films produced by Blanc Biehn Productions, so I am delighted to be a part of ‘Deadly Retreat’ and I look forward to future collaborations with the husband and wife team.”

Jennifer Blanc Biehn has been cast alongside Jonathan Bennett, best known for his role in ‘Mean Girls’. Jon Artigo wrote and will direct ‘Deadly Retreat’ through his production company Artigo indie, along with his wife Danielle Artigo, who will be producing as well as starring in the picture. 

‘Deadly Retreat’ marks Danielle’s third feature producing credit in the last 6 months – her last film  she came on to produce for Blanc Biehn Productions, ‘She Rises’ stars Michael Biehn, Jennifer Blanc, Daisy McCrackin and Angus McFadyen and is currently in post-production. 

Jennifer Blanc-Biehn can be seen in ‘Wrong Cops’ (the much anticipated follow up to ‘Rubber’), and in Joe Lynch’s black listed script ‘Everly’, co-starring Salma Hayek and Gabriella Wright.

Jennifer Blanc Biehn for Blanc Biehn Productions has 4 films in post production coming to you soon and begins filming just after deadly retreat the sequel to the night visitor where Jennifer stars along side Mark Gantt with Brianne Davis (True Blood) directing.

For more information via Facebook and twitter: Jennifer Blanc-Biehn on Facebook and @jenniferblancb on twitter.  Other twitter accounts: @MichaelBiehn, @canyoncar, @BlancBiehnFilms, @HITWRemake, @scaremestiff, and  @bsgpr. 


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