Terminator star to take on the Fembot

Blanc/Biehn Productions will go into production on Fembot, which will see a release date in the  fall of 2015. Biehns’ first robot movie since the ‘Terminator’ and Blancs’ first super- human story since ‘Dark Angel’ which both had worked on with James Cameron Now the couple will bring a robot film to the fans  from the newly successful Blanc/Biehn Productions.

While in Vienna, at the film ball the couple met host Martin Richard Kristek, who made a lasting impression on Biehn with his charisma as a european  actor and DJ as well as his message and views on the subject of renewable energies. Martin Kristek, owner and CEO of Care-Energy and ESCO, supplies over 380,000 customers in Germany with renewable, sustainable energy. His company’s work creates the greatest possible independence of energy at socially acceptable prices. The social tariff and the run from a social point infrastructure-projects in the Philippines and Ghana show the soul of the company. Currently, Martin Kristek is set to internationalize his energy service company.

“I am so excited to work with Martin on this project , I found him to be one of the most interesting, smart and talented people I have met in a long time ” says Biehn. 
“We think Kristek will be a wonderful character in this film“ added Jennifer Blanc Biehn.

The film will star Michael Biehn (Terminator, Aliens, The Victim, The Divide) and Jennifer Blanc-Biehn ( Everly, Wrong Cops,The Victim Dark Angel) and introduces Martin Richard Kristek to Hollywood  (in the role of a solar energy provider working with the inventor of the Fembot). Kristek will have a supporting role in this film which will begin filming this July in Hollywood. Additional  cast will be  announced as of April 2014. ‘Fembot’ will be directed by editor Vance Crofoot  and written by Staci Layne Wilson.

Imagine a world in the not-too-distant future in which your every whim and desire can be fulfilled by a beautiful, charming, and sexually adventurous female robot. Thanks to ingenious scientific advances, and potency provided by benevolent green energy eco-power plants, these “Fembots” are a dream come true. She’s lifelike, responsive, warm, and soft to the touch — she even smells like cotton candy. What man wouldn’t want one?

Wealthy entrepreneur Zayden Beckett (Michael Biehn) can’t wait to invest… both professionally, and personally. Beckett test-drives a few fembot models before he settles on Arla is the most  intelligent of the lot and specially programmed just for him. Unfortunately, the devious inventor of the fembot has cut corners with Arla, using a different, inferior energy source. She develops a mind of her own, and a thought-process which allows for jealousy. When Beckett begins to fall in love with a real woman, Arla goes on the attack.


Well, here’s the deal: The plot revolves around a guy seeking – perfection, pretty sure to have finally found what he’s been looking for in the shape of a Fembot – a female robot. A standard Hollywood fairy tale? Maybe at first glance – but if you look closer the plot holds more than meets the eye. It works on many levels, has a profound meaning to it, alludes ironically and entertaining to the absurdities of this artificial world around us – a world we created in the last decade. A world filled with make-believe friendships, made up relationships and wannabe-realities only ringing true in a pixelated universe. So’ Fembot’ actually serves as a warning, a wake-up call for the viewer: Beware of the temptations of the virtual reality – cause in the end you might find yourself out in a real world that’s more fiction than fact, where nothing is real anymore. In the truest sense of the word. And who’s gonna want that to happen? Nobody – that’s who!

Fembot is a thrilling and erotic, energy conscious, sci-fi suspense film._ Production begins in July 2014 with plans to premiere in  2015. 

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