Karen Lam takes a World of Hurt

Award-winning director Karen Lam to helm adaptation of “In Praise of Folly” for THOMAS TESSIER’S WORLD OF HURT anthology

Fresh off of being selected as one of the Top 12 Canadian Short Films of 2013 by The Shorts Report for “Stalled,” Karen Lam is set to adapt Thomas Tessier’s short story “In Praise of Folly” from his Ghost Music (Cemetery Dance Publications). Lam is the fifth of five directors signed to the THOMAS TESSIER WORLD OF HURT project.

“What I love about ‘In Praise of Folly’ is how the real and fantastic worlds intersect,” Lam said. “Magic and horror exist all around us—we just need to know where to look.” 

“In Praise of Folly” concerns a visit by Roland Turner to an abandoned estate to explore its miniature Little Italy village. He is in the midst of taking photos when the first of many tiny hands grab him and pull him to the ground. Lam will write and direct the Tessier story in 2014.

Karen Lam is a Vancouver-based film director, producer, and screenwriter that Fangoria proclaimed “…an extremely skilled and talented filmmaker.” She has written seven feature film screenplays, was the series director on the true crime documentary television series “Very Bad Men,” directed six short films and two feature films, STAINED (2010) and EVANGELINE (2013). EVANGELINE won Best Director at the Blood in the Snow Canadian Film Festival and also opened the ninth annual Vancouver International Women in Film Festival. For more information about Lam, visit http://karenlamfilms.com/wp/

THOMAS TESSIER’S WORLD OF HURT is an anthology film based on five stories published in his Ghost Music and Remorseless (Sinister Grin Press) collections. All Channel Films, Inc. will provide domestic (U.S.) and Canadian distribution.



Lam joins directors Raymond Carr, Darin Read, Mia Sorensen, and Devi Snively in this anthology.

The project is currently seeking qualified equity investors and lenders. Interested parties should contact Well Done Productions at wdp.now@gmail.com.

For more information:

Twitter: @TTWorldOfHurt

Facebook: TTWorldofHurt

Author Twitter: @ThomasTessierCT


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