The Artist star goes Mindless

BLANC/BIEHN PRODUCTIONS Moves on ‘MINDLESS’ – with Michael Biehn handpicking The Artist actor Ben Kurland and first time feature director Jason DeVan 

Blanc/Biehn Productions has begun pre-production on Mindless, casting Ben Kurland (Deadly Retreat), from Academy Award-winning film The Artist. 

  Rising star Hallie Jordan (To The Bridge, Altered Perception) plays a young woman with amnesia who pieces together her past with deadly consequences in this mind-bending thriller.  

The cast also includes Alyssa Lobit (Among Friends, The Victim, The Things We Carry), Jennifer Blanc-Biehn (Everly, Wrong Cops, Dark Angel, Deadly Retreat), Scream Queen Tiffany Shepis (Bundy, Cyrus), J.Michael Trautmann (Shameless, A Resurrection), Heather DeVan (The Girl), Cassius DeVan (The Girl), Lorraine Ziff (Among Friends, Treachery),Nick Nicholson(Altered Perception) and more to be announced. 

Helmer Jason DeVan makes his feature debut, directing from a script by award-winning scribe Alyssa Lobit, with Vance Crofoot ( editor of Biehns’ directorial debut The Victim)set to DP and edit the project.  The film is exec-produced by Terminator star Michael Biehn and his wife Dark Angel star  Jennifer Blanc-Biehn via their company Blanc/Biehn Productions, along with Small Red Star Productions. Other producers include Heather DeVan, Lorraine Ziff, Hallie Jordan, Dylan Matlock and Devon Biehn who works closely with his dads’ company on many productions keeping it in the family. With composition being designed by Jennifer Blanc Biehns’ stap father formerly of The Loving Spoonful , Randy Chance  who has provided music for lots of BBP films.

“We needed a versatile young actor with a wide range to pull this role off and i feel we found exactly that in Ben Kurland’ says executive producer Michael Biehn

“I have acted with Ben before and i am confident he will bring so much to this role that the fans and audience will be left guessing says ” Jennifer Blanc Biehn

Jason DeVan is the perfect choice to make this Memento like / Side Effects like thriller come Alive and Hallie Jordan will make us all feel her pain.


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