Apocalypse set for 2015

Jopia Productions, Great Dayne Entertainment and Full Motion Entertainment are glad to announce that pre production has begun on the upcoming epic zombie movie ‘APOCALYPSE.’

This movie draws it’s inspiration from such classics as “Dawn and Day Of The Dead” whilst still weaving in the new breed of zombie movie classics like “La Horde” and “28 Days Later.”

Apocalypse marks the third feature collaboration between Kris Dayne of Great Dayne Entertainment and director Tony Jopia, Crying Wolf and Cute Little Buggers, both out later this year. The film will also be the first collaboration with Fabien Muller of Full Motion Entertainment.

Due for release in 2015 ‘APOCALYPSE’ is an epic zombie, action horror movie that starts with 
an enzyme that causes the dead to reanimate, which brings the world to its knees, the scientist responsible entrusts his cataclysmic findings to Katya Nevin, a troubled ex-war correspondent turned anchor-woman at W.W News. While she and the rest of her crew witness the collapse of society via video feeds from around the globe, a deadly special agent climbs the building floor by floor, his only goal to ensure her silence. Armed only with information and an indomitable will to live, Katya must overcome her crippling anxiety and learn to lead in order to make it out of the studio and into a terrifying new world where only the dead survive.’

Written by newcomers Stu Bedford and Stu Jopia. Both currently under script duties for Tirana Films International, Great Dayne Entertainment and Full Motion Entertainment’s next project, the upcoming brutal telekinesis serial killer movie ‘I AM YOU’

DIRECTOR Tony Jopia tells us “Apocalypse is going to be the zombie movie we’ve all been waiting for, made for fans by FANS!”

“Having grown up with films like ‘Evil Dead’ and ‘Dawn Of The Dead’ it is with great pleasure that Great Dayne Entertainment would like to announce “APOCALYPSE” a film that we are sure will blow the mind off of the Zombie Nation! Bringing cult classic zombie fandom and a modern twist on the living dead “Apocalypse” is the most thrilling and exciting project we have ever worked on! Said EXEC PRODUCER and STAR Kris Dayne.”

EXEC PRODUCER and STAR Fabien Muller says “Full Motion Entertainment is glad to announce entering pre-production with it’s new movie Apocalypse;
An epic, breathtaking Zombie feature none like the others.”


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