Wild Eye Releasing reveal an impressive 2014 roster

Wild Eye Releasing will be unleashing Shane Ryan’s latest film, My Name is A by anonymous, on September 23, 2014.

The film we said ” is a lost gem that needs to be discovered”, tells the inspired-by-true-story of Alyssa Bustamante, who was accused of stabbing, strangling, and slicing the throat of her 9 year old neighbor. Alyssa was just 15 at the time of the murder. If you need any more reason to see this, read our 5* review



Coincidentally Ryan’s Amateur Porn Star Killer Trilogy is being re-released for a 3rd time in a limited box set by Cinema Epoch on the same day, with an early release on Amazon in July.

Ryan recently posted a trailer teasing the idea of a possible Amateur Porn Star Killer reboot, currently titled Ted Bundy had a Son.



2014 is a busy year for Ryan. It also sees the release of Dysmorphia in August (Wild Eye Releasing) a new anthology from James Cullen Bressack (Hate Crime, To Jennifer, 13/13/13) featuring an award-winning short by Ryan. And this Fall will see the release of another anthology from Bressack, Theatre of the Deranged 2, featuring Ryan’s fully uncut Japanese film Oni-gokko (Tag) on DVD from Troma Entertainment. Ryan has also signed on to two more anthologies; World of Death – featuring flicks by 200 filmmakers worldwide, and Paranoia Tapes (currently in production). Ryan’s feature The Girl Who Wasn’t Missing has recently secured VOD rights (release TBA). The film tells the story of a 15 year old girl who is gang-raped, impregnated, and kicked out of her home to live on the streets.



As a leading actor, Ryan can next be seen in director Albert Pyun’s (Cyborg, Nemesis) The Interrogation of Cheryl Cooper. On the filmmaker side, Ryan is currently in post-production of his corrupt cop feature, The Owl in Echo Park, starring Kevin Gage (Heat, Call of Duty: Ghosts) as well as developing the script for The Birmingham Cycle, along with Eric Pereira (American Girls).  The story evolves around a woman seeking revenge for the death of her siblings by a rival crime family and was inspired by an actual true crime cover-up which occurred down the street from Ryan’s residence. He hopes to attach Bianca Bree or Zoë Bell for the lead role.


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