Help make the Rob Zombie film the studios wouldn’t

Want to see the Rob Zombie film the studios wouldn’t let you have? You can help make it happen. The below statement from the team behind the killer masked clown movie ’31’ just adds more to the excitement of what this film could be with more help from YOU.

“We are absolutely fucking serious about making a hard core, gritty, no bullshit horror film that will make you scream. How do we make that happen? It’s simple. Get more people involved. Get more people backing the RZ-31 campaign – at whatever level they can afford. And we’re adding more cool, unique shit to give you a front row seat into all of this horror movie making madness. “

With a plethora of rewards for your donation, there are even more being added and here are just two of the perks


Get your own copy of Rob Zombie’s 31 Shooting Script. This rare collectable, signed and numbered, is limited to only 100 copies!


We’ve added the RZ 31 signed and numbered Shooting Script to the Collectable 31 movie director’s chair bundle! Grab one for your home before they are gone. Comes with signed DVD or Blu-ray, signed poster, plus T-shirt.

Head over to to help make this happen


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