Linda Blair fights against the green stuff in The Green Fairy

Linda Blair, if you don’t know that name by now GET OUT, has been confirmed to the cast of Absinthe documentary, ‘The Green Fairy’. ‘The Exorcist’ star will be part of a large cast who will document the history of the green stuff from the 1730’s to the 1910’s.

Joining her will be a collective of talent including scream queen Devanny Pinn (The Black Dahlia Haunting, Nude Nuns with Big Guns) and wrestling legend Rodey Piper (Hell Comes to Frogtown) as well as horror stars Russ Russo (Doner Pass) Mindy Robinson (V/H/S/2).

Blair will play opposite type and while associated with “the green stuff” will be playing Mrs Lanfray, a woman fighting for the ban of Absinthe before World War I. In addition Devanny Pinn will be set to play her daughter with Robinson cast as the infamous green fairy.

Don’t anticipate any horror from the cast here however we are excited to see such a high caliber cast together showcasing their talent.


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