Extinction is coming!

Feast your eyes on the terrifying first full trailer for infection horror SURVIVORS, the next film from the Writer/Director of the UK smash hit monster movie EXTINCTION!

Survivors, a gritty and personal horror film, presents a unique blend of cinematic storytelling and found-footage that puts its characters and story first. “We didn’t want to make just another genre film” says the Director Adam J Spinks “we wanted to push ourselves and challenge the boundaries of what had been done before with this kind of film”


From Director Adam J Spinks (Extinction) comes “Survivors”, a story about the depth of human courage in the face of an enemy unleashed by the authorities, who are meant to keep us safe. In a world without laws, without order and with nobody watching, how far would you go to survive? 

“We’re delighted to be able to share the trailer with everyone finally, over the years we’ve been making it we’ve witnessed a wonderful film come together” says Producer Michael Beddoes “it’s an emotional journey with a dark heart, I know it’s going to have audiences gripping the edge of their seats”

Survivors stars Joanne Gale (Red Dwarf X, Run FatBoy Run) Simon Burbage (Extinction, Pulp: The Movie. Hollyoaks) David Anderson (How To Live Yours, 3some) Adrian Annis (Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows, Eva’s Diamond) alongside Vanessa Mayfield (Outside The Box), Lydia Kay (Christmas Slay) and Rich Keeble (Birds Of A Feather, The Addicted) 


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