Battle Royale Free on Xbox One

To celebrate the launch of FINAL FANTASY TYPE-0™ HD including the exclusive demo FINAL FANTASY®XV EPISODE DUSCAE on Xbox One, the all-in-one games and entertainment system from Microsoft, Square Enix Ltd., today announced a partnership with Arrow Films to bring users on the Xbox Live online entertainment network the seminal Battle Royale, completely free, for an entire weekend.

On Saturday 28th March and Sunday 29th March Xbox Live users (UK only) will be able to rent the movie from the Xbox Video Store or app free of charge courtesy of Square Enix and FINAL FANTASY TYPE-0™ HD.

FINAL FANTASY TYPE-0 HD offers a new type of FINAL FANTASY experience not seen before in the series- one that is sure to captivate a new generation of players as well as long-time fans. Set in the war-torn Kingdom of Orience, the fourteen brave young warriors of Class Zero take on the world via an action packed battle system, with customisable magic spells, and the ability to summon fearsome monsters known as Eidolons!

Battle Royale is the controversial cult classic 2000 film from director Kinji Fukasaku, which sees a group of ninth-grade students forced to compete in a bloody, no-holds-barred game of survival. It’s kill or be killed until one survives.

FINAL FANTASY TYPE-0 HD is out now and features an exclusive demo of the highly anticipated FINAL FANTASY XV game titled FINAL FANTASY XV -EPISODE DUSCAE-. The demo will be available only while stocks last.


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