Shriekfest joins Eli Roths Crypt TV

Shriekfest Horror Film Festival is proud to formally announce its partnership with Crypt TV. 
Eli Roth’s dark and edgy digital network will be sponsoring Shriekfest in its 15th annual iteration this fall.
Shriekfest festival Director Denise Gossett says, “I am very excited about teaming up with Crypt TV!  Shriekfest has always been huge supporters of indie filmmakers and Crypt TV is only going to add to this philosophy!”
Crypt TV will endorse the winners of each category and feature the winners of the shorts on the Crypt TV platform.
“Shriekfest is a long-time staple for the independent horror community and we are honored to be a part of their program,” Crypt TV CEO Jack Davis said. “We love working with the horror film community because it is one of the most supportive networks of creators and fans in filmmaking!”
Follow @CryptTV and @Shriekfest and LIKE CryptTV and Shriekfest Facebook pages for upcoming promotions and news. For more info on the festival, visit: 


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