B.F.F. Girls – New Short Film from the makers of Gwilliam and The Stylist Campaign Launch

Magical transformations, flambuoyant warlocks and tampon monsters will be the focus of the new short film by Brian Lonano, the director behind such films as “CROW HAND!!!” and “Gwilliam.”

“B.F.F. Girls” (which stands for Beautiful Fantasy Flower Girls) is about on three dorky American girls who magically transform into beautiful Japanese superheroes and battle a tampon monster called Anti-Flow as they begin their journey into womanhood.

Lonano filmed some footage as a proof of concept to potential investors and can be seen here:

“B.F.F. Girls” is written by Brian Lonano and Victoria Cook (co-writer of Gwilliam) and is produced by Lonano along with Blake Myers and Jill Gevargizian, known for her popular short films “Call Girl” and “The Stylist.”

The crowdfunding campaign is live now at http://bit.ly/2m8IDgP

To get updates on the film, please follow them on twitter @BFFGirlsFilm and like them on facebook (facebook.com/bffgirlsfilm)


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