What Would You Trade For Love? SHADOWS FALL – Award-winning Indie Supernatural Thriller Takes To Gumroad and Vimeo-On-Demand

While independent films and theaters are still working through a tumultuous relationship, digital sales of indie features continue to grow with the marketplaces of Vimeo, Amazon, and VFX being the prominent stops for film lovers – creating a direct and unique connection between filmmakers and their audience.

One film to join those ranks is SHADOWS FALL – the debut feature of director/producer Aditya Vishwanath – a strong example of storytelling and high production in a truly independently produced film.

Called “a complete psychological drama/thriller with a dark horror undertone” by Dread Central, the film won the award for Best MindF*** Film at the Anti-Hero Production Genre Fest. Festival Director, Edward Payson, has called it “an uncompromising journey into one woman’s personal hell.”

Shadows Fall is a modern take on the classical Faustian tale, with Senka (Dylan Quigg) – a young widow – as she asks herself ‘what would she give for one more moment with the man that she loved?’

A bargain with a demon, Amis (Christian Wennberg) reunites her with her deceased husband Jonas (Jener Dasilva) but what the film explores is both the personal and supernatural costs of that deal, and how it changes all involved, including the demon himself.

Forgoing the usual gore and pure shock of many modern horror titles, Shadows Fall relies on its atmosphere and characters to take viewers on a haunting journey to hell and back.

The film also stars Kinsey Diment, Talmage Tidwell, and Marc Carlis and has received strong critical praise from established sources including CineHouseUK (“a brilliant supernatural horror-thriller”), The Slaughtered Bird (“a ‘perfect storm’ of indie film making”) and We Are Indie Horror (“a unique marvel of indie horror”). It has also been selected and screened at the Panama Horror Film Fest and European Film Festival, and was a finalist in the Puerto Rico Horror Fest.

Following the release of a brand new trailer, Shadows Fall has begun pre-order sales through both Vimeo-On-Demand and its own website www.shadowsfallthefilm.com, facilitated by Gumroad. The film is scheduled for release on the 1st of June. To know more, follow the film on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/SFthefilm/. 


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