The Final Girls reveal what makes them Shudder

This month’s SHUDDER UK curators are THE FINAL GIRLS, the London-based screening series focused on exploring feminist themes and celebrating women in horror cinema in-front and behind the camera.

THE FINAL GIRLS dissect SHUDDER, picking their favourite titles from the service – fresh from their acclaimed UK tour presenting Anna Biller’s THE LOVE WITCH to willing eyeballs around the country and a host of other lively, full-bloodied screenings.

Here’s their selection – available to view now on SHUDDER UK:

Criminally underseen cult classic about teenage girls coming of age, discovering their sexuality and – yes – turning into werewolves.


A classic of body horror starring  the iconic Barbara Steele as the vampish resident consumed by an unadulterated sex drive in the form of a parasite. You’ll want to live here – until you don’t.


A modern Frankenstein for the discerning feminist horror aficionado, May is a beautifully sad and lonely figure, a monster you can’t help but emphasize with.


The ultimate modern-day feminist body horror. A unique coming of age story where female sexuality (quite literally) bites back.


Laos’ only female genre filmmaker brings us the second chapter in her menacing tales of ghostly apparitions.


A fantasy slasher that will speak to all the goth girls, weirdos and nerds who wished they could enact their revenge.


This masterful classic features all the trademarks of Italian Gialli set in an all-girls school with a killer on the loose.  the black glove and a stunning score by Ennio Morricone.

SHUDDER have also partnered with THE FINAL GIRLS on their upcoming birthday event on Saturday May 13th


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