Satanic Obsession Puts Pressure on the Case in CHARISMATA Trailer

Independent London based filmmakers,
Andy Collier and Tor Mian, have
released their unsettling trailer for
feature horror film Charismata, which
looks at the impact of female oppression
in the world of a Satanic murder case.

After a successful screening event in London on 15th June, with attendance from horror bloggers and journalists, theanticipated and unsettling trailer for Charismata will officially be released onTuesday 18th July 2017 on YouTube. 

The horror feature is the first film that Andy and Tor have co-written and co-directed together, with it also being Andy’s first feature as director. 

Tor and Andy previously worked on the highly acclaimed micro-budget features The Sky in Bloom and The Milky Way, both which were written and directed by Tor Mian.

Charismata is a psychological horror built upon a tense and cynical atmosphere, which gradually spirals into demonic depression. Tor Mian says that the film “was inspired by mine and Andy’s
mutual appreciation of Polanski’s apartment trilogy. In terms of the main character’s struggle, the deliberate cinematography and the grounded urban setting, we wanted to echo the tone of the
classic 60s and 70s horror films.” The film also focuses on using female protagonist Faraway to show how working in an alpha-male environment can impact not only the outcome of the murder case, but also the mental wellbeing of the rookie detective.
With recent conversations about whether horror should be full of gore and scare, and a backlash from horror fans shouting that horror is subjective, and subtle terror can play more on human fear, Charismata helps to prove that point. 

Andy has mentioned that the cast and crew “were more interested in entertaining the audience and making them want to stay with us right to the end of this crazy twisted journey, than in shouting “BOO” at them and making them jump every five minutes.” Charismata is a slow-burning horror film that uses tension, atmosphere and dread to keep the audience in suspense.


When Detective Rebecca Faraway is thrown head first into a cult murder case, she finds the male-dominated world forces her into obsession and suspicion. As the case develops and her instincts are ignored by those around her, paranoia combined with hysteria and delusions transcends into a demonic game of cat and mouse between her and the enigmatic suspect Michael Sweet. 

Divulging deeper into Faraway’s delicate mind, the main suspect shows her
that death is merely the beginning of what
could be the struggle to keep her soul and
sanity. Sarah Beck Mather (Rebecca Faraway) has been credited notably for her incredible performance in Charismata, alongside Jamie Satterthwaite (Michael Sweet); who together build a disturbing and manipulative relationship. Charismata also stars Andonis Anthony who plays Faraway’s sarcastic and crude-humoured partner Detective Eli; and Johnny Vivash who portrays the hapless and ill-
equipped security manager who is another suspect.

The release date of Charismata and the distribution company are yet to be confirmed.

You can watch the full and exclusive trailer here:


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