Third Window Films BACK IN BUSINESS!! More Japanese cinema for all!

After all the troubles we found ourselves put into during 2017, we thought we have turned a corner in 2018, though as soon as we started to pick ourselves up came the very bad news that Fusion Media Sales, the sales agent which handled us as well as many other great indie distributors, were closed down by their parent company. This totally screwed us as well as many other labels like ours who are not big enough to negotiate directly with Amazon, HMV, SONY, etc and therefore need to rely on a third-party agent like Fusion who can handle such deals. Though in the case of a company like that being closed it leaves us with no control over our stock or sales, and in a terrible state of limbo.

Though no more! Thanks to the great ARROW FILMS!

Both Third Window and our longtime partners Terracotta Distribution have been rescued by Arrow Films, and we cannot think of a better company to partner with! Arrow Films and Arrow Video have been one of the last few saviors in keeping physical media and indie film distribution alive, as we have been trying to do with Asian cinema, so it’s really the perfect match and a wonderful new family to be a part of!

We will soon have all our stock available through their website and other outlets, but this merger has allowed us to keep our upcoming schedule in tact, but please check out and help us out by PRE-ORDERING some of our upcoming releases:


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