BloodGuts Presents… She Rises with special live introduction with Michael Biehn and Jennifer Blanc.

Sunday 18th March, 8pm at The Electric Cinema, Birmingham.

Join Hollywood icon Michael Biehn and Jennifer Blanc in Birmingham for a UK exclusive screening of She Rises this March.

She Rises is certainly not a straight up horror and those seeking a dosage of hearty scares or blood splattering should look elsewhere, as director Carrell takes us on a meta filled trip into the minds of madness, while taking more than a few swipes at the modern state of the movie making business. She Rises is anything but your stereotypical ‘horror in the woods’ genre entry. And to present this one night only screening (and first in the UK) stars Michael Biehn (Aliens, Terminator, Planet Terror) and Jennifer Blanc (The Victim, Dark Angel) will be in attendance for a live introduction and Q&A preceding the screening.

Tickets are available now:


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